Neutra - Improving the wellbeing of horses by neutralizing harmful gases from the air

When walking in to a stable, a pungent smell of ammonia whiffs into your nose and irritates your nose, throat and lungs. Many combine the smell of ammonia as a part of the hobby, but it doesn’t have to be that way. The stables are the horses’ habitat and a place where people spend a lot of time. A smelling stable is not a very welcoming environment, but the smell is not the only disadvantage. Attention should be drawn to the health risks that the smells are causing to both horses and humans. It can have harmful effects on our health. To help minimize odors, there are effective additives that improve the ability of the bedding to bind moisture and prevent ammonia gases. The use of bedding additives has been studied at several Finnish horse stables with excellent results.

Discover Neutra, the Finnish bedding additive.

Neutra is a bedding additive that neutralizes harmful gases from the respiratory air and improves the wellbeing of the horses. At the same time Neutra improves the ability of binding moisture and helps maintain the nutritional content of manure while also improving its composting properties.

Neutra consists of a composition of minerals, nutrients,  trace elements and anti-odour compounds. The product reduces the harmful components emitted into the air, improving the air quality and ensuring biodegradability in conditions where organic waste lacks the essential elements for composting. It binds nitrogen, sulphur and phosphorus compounds.

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20kg bag of Neutra

20kg bag of Neutra

Neutra will be available in large bulk bag of 1,000 kg, bag of 20 kg and bucket of 5 kg. More information coming soon

Why use Neutra?

A smelling stable environment is a disadvantage for both humans and horses. The air quality at the stable has a great influence on the health of the horses and the respiratory health. The air is accompanied by harmful ammonia gases that are absorbed into the horse’s body at the same rate as oxygen. These ammonia gases are often the cause of ongoing respiratory diseases of horses. Every horse needs fresh air to breath on a daily basis, otherwise they are at risk of respiratory illness. Being let outside regularly is very important for the wellbeing of horses. The access to fresh air is important for the health of the respiratory system. During colder temperatures, the climate limits the time that horses can spend outside. This means that the horses can have to spend up to 20 hours of the day in the stable.

Grab the opportunity to improve the air quality at your stable.

An irritating and pungent smell indicates of the presence of ammonia. Ammonia emissions are harmful to the health in prolonged exposure. The most important things in preventing odors are proper cleaning, ventilation and clean bedding. Ammonia naturally occurs in urine. Depending on the used bedding, the amount of ammonia can vary greatly. Ammonia is corrosive and therefore it breaks the wet tissues with which it comes into contact. The mucous membranes, eyes, nose and mouth of both horses and humans are at risk. The most important things in preventing odors are proper cleaning, ventilation and clean bedding. Depending on the choice of the bedding material it is, however, difficult to get rid of all the emissions without any additives. The best result is achieved by regularly using an ammonia-binding additive in the bedding, which significantly improves air quality in the stables.