Algol Neutra

Neutralizes odors and gases from the air anywhere

The Neutra product family works in the outhouse and the stables. It ties bad odours from urine and feces effectively and hygienizes hazardous components. Neutra is so efficient, that for the optimal result you have to use only very little amounts of the product. For example, only one spoon of Neutra after every time in the outhouse is enough!

Neutra is an additive to desiccant, which neutralizes harmful gases from the air and helps your wellbeing. Neutra enhances the desiccants ability to tie moisture and help to maintain the nutrients of the manure and boosts its ability to compost.

Neutra is made of a mixture of minerals, nutrients and odour removing components and micronutrients. The product reduces the amount of hazardous particles reaching the air, improves the air quality and ensures the biodegradability in conditions, where normal composting can be hard to achieve. Neutra ties nitrogen, sulfur and phosphorus compounds.

Neutra PuuCee

Neutra PuuCee is suitable to every outhouse and bajamaja. Never worry about bad odors again!

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Neutra Talli

Neutra Talli ties effectively ammonium gases and you'll never have to step in to a smelly stable again!

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The brand new and innovative Neutra has just been launched to markets and we aim to breaden our distribution network rapidly. If you're interested, feel free to contact us from this link.